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Sustainability Management in Environmental Dimension

The Company and its subsidiaries recognize the significance of environmental preservation and are committed to energy conservation and efficiency. We have implemented energy-saving measures, guidelines to prevent, and control business operations from affecting the environment. Our organization is dedicated to upholding environmental management principles to foster sustainable environmental care and development.

To foster a corporate culture of environmental responsibility, we are committed to raising awareness among our employees about the importance of energy and environmental conservation. Our goal is to prevent environmental pollution by incorporating energy and environmental considerations into every step of our production processes. We adhere to the 5R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Reject) to ensure sustainable and cost-effective resource utilization. Our approach is to prioritize reduction, reuse, and repair before considering new resource use. We actively discourage wasteful practices and encourage rehabilitation and therapy. We continuously monitor, supervise, and implement preventive measures to minimize our environmental footprint.


Environmental Projects by Capital Engineering Network Company Limited



resource consumption is a core part of our environmental commitment. We actively promote resource efficiency by implementing measures such as minimizing the use of plastic bags and encouraging the use of reusable cloth bags instead.



We implement a take-back program for items that are no longer usable due to damage or wear. It may be used to melt the recycle method to reproduce the product.



Reducing toxic waste is a paramount objective in our environmental efforts. To achieve this, we emphasize the responsible use of hazardous products by using only the necessary quantities. Additionally, we ensure proper disposal of these products without mixing them with food waste.



We actively promote the practice of reusing items that are still in usable condition.



We promote the practice of repairing broken items to maintain their functionality instead of discarding them and purchasing new replacements to reduce waste and conserve valuable planetary resources.

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